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Cheryl had been holding a deskbound job for years. This has caused her spine alignment and posture to be affected. She decided to take up a new skill in hopes of relieving back pain and lead a somewhat healthier lifestyle. Little did she realised how yoga managed to change her perspective – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Her practice began in 2011 and she was convinced that yoga has become a huge part of her life – a way of life it seems. In September 2016, Cheryl decided to take on a new challenge in life and made her way to Rishikesh, India, the birth place of Yoga. She took on the RYS 200 Hour Hatha Teacher Training at Shiva Yoga Peeth.

Learning the traditional Hatha style of Yoga has helped Cheryl learn so much about herself through the mind, body and soul. She hopes to be able to transfer that passion and knowledge alongside growing together with fellow students on this endless learning curve – the yoga journey.

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