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Cedric didn’t get involve in Yoga back then as he believed it was a female ‘sport’ although he was working for a reputable Yoga organization in Malaysia. Seeing how the ladies carved themselves into some unbelievable postures that required great flexibility, he couldn’t seem to find the benefit of the practice then. It was only when he started his marketing career did his interest in the wellness and sports industry took off. He found it interesting and educational to lead the public to eat, live, exercise and think positively and healthily through marketing messages.

It changes his perspective in terms of how he saw people around me – how he slowed his pace given Singapore’s hectic lifestyle – how peaceful he is in handling work stress – how open his mind could be in accepting differences in others. This was the start of Cedric’s journey. He began to accept himself of who he was and how he could influence other people through his words, actions and gestures.

He also found a deep passion in practicing Ashtanga Yoga with his teacher. What Cedric loved about her was her patience, dedication, great sense of awareness and strict teaching in each student. Thus, from not being able to do drop back, he was able to do so within the second month.

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