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Bernice stumbled into hot yoga in 2010 out of curiosity, soon it had become her daily routine. After years of dedicated personal practice, she decided to explore the opportunity to teach yoga in a formal setting after completed her first RYT 200 Hot Yoga with Copper Crow.

As Bernice feels blessed with self-transformation and inner peace that yoga has brought to her life, she feels it is her mission to share that to others through her teaching. To Bernice, yoga is a lifestyle and lifelong learning path. Be it personal life or in class, she speaks from her heart to inspire others for mindful lifestyle and spreading the idea of compassion.

With consideration that she was also a beginner many years ago, it’s Bernice passion to create an uplifting, non-judgment and supportive environment. This is to let students explore their body and consciousness, so that they can feel encouraged to come back again with a big smile.

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