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Yoga and fitness have always been a strong passion and drive for Amelia. The miracle of the human body and its capabilities has always astounded her. Through this passion, she has over the years, develop the drive to spread the joy and benefits of yoga and fitness to others. She loves to share with others what the human body can do and how yoga and fitness combined or practiced together can help to achieve better health, more physical strength and flexibility, better focus, and a stronger mind, to tackle the tasks of one’s daily lives.

Amelia loves the opportunity to share her passion with those looking to improve their lives, physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually and evolve to be the very best versions of themselves. She is hardworking, a tough trainer, and yet patient and motivating. She is open to anyone who seeks to improve their practice, and their lives holistically.

Amelia has been practicing yoga for 11 years, while combining it with other fitness routines such as weight lifting, HIIT, Pilates, and cardio. She especially loves Power and Vinyasa style yoga. She obtained her yoga teaching certification from Tirisula Yoga in October 2014.

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