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Acquainted with yoga as a fitness regime in 2007, Amanda realised over time that the yogic practice brought about greater transformation from within.

Being naturally hypermobile in her joints and having various structural misalignments from a young age, Amanda was always prone to clumsiness and injuries. Through the practice of yoga, she has learnt various ways on pain management and strengthening of naturally loose joints for protection and stability.

Through her interest and further study in yoga therapy, she believes the therapeutic application of yoga can prevent and manage many psychosomatic ailments that are caused by stressors in the modern day lifestyle. She also has the love of teaching kids and believes yoga is the complete system to help them grow healthily and happily.

Amanda’s teaching is influenced by styles of Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga catered to private one to one sessions or corporate group yoga sessions. She ensures and guides students through a safe and nurturing practice environment through proper alignment techniques and body-spacial awareness.

Her classes are accessible, practical and all encompassing. She provides encouragement to students in enabling to enrich their lives by taking the practice off the mat, into their daily lives.

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