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Rosa started to embrace yoga in her life since 2004. She obtained her Ashtanga Yoga 200-hour TTC certificate in Rishikesh, India. During her time there, she also learned how to teach Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. She loves to integrate these practices into her Ashtanga classes. In her teaching, she focuses on the breath, flow, mindfulness and muscle strength while respecting the body.

In Rosa’s opinion, yoga is all about consciousness and mindfulness and about following your own path. She hopes to inspire others in this idea. Competitiveness is not allowed in her classes. Yoga is for one to focus on their inner-world and emotions. After Rosa’s practice, the mind will feel calm and focused, and the body strong but relaxed.

Rosa is a sporty health-freak and because she enjoys other sports (e.g. running marathons), her active muscles are not super flexible. Therefore, using her own experience, she is eager to work with beginners or students who feel that they are inflexible. She knows exactly how to help them to get into the pose right and to help them further into the pose without overstretching or forcing the body. She does this with a lot of patience. Rosa also practices as a holistic health coach and nutritionist, which makes her an all-round Yoga teacher who believes that Yoga forms an integral part of a healthy and happy life.

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